Dreamy Sunrise Elopement in the Desert

brianna gomez

carolina + sam

tucson, arizona 

December 3rd 2019

This is probably my favorite photoshoot from 2019. I don’t know why, it just is. So I get a call on December 2nd... and it’s Carolina. I took Carolinas senior photos several years ago. During this call, Carolina asked if I had any open spots that week for a shoot. And I proceeded to ask what kind of shoot she wanted. And she told me ”I’m getting married tomorrow so maybe a few takes with my fiancé.” ⠀ ⠀

The casualness of this conversation, the casualness of their attire. Reminded me what love is about. It’s not always these extravagant gatherings or monumental displays of affection. Rather is the pureness of togetherness.

Of course I’m in shock that Carolina was getting married because the last time I saw her, I took her high school senior portraits. ⠀

We tend to forgot that people grow up, we look at perfect old photos and remember them for how they looked. Perfect and young. But when do we look at photos and remember how we felt. ⠀

So I don’t know why I love this photo so much, maybe it’s the perfectly imperfect moments like these that sneak up on us and very rarely make it out of all our camera rolls. Maybe it’s the feeling of those in-between moments we all forget. All I know is that I love these photos and I love how I feel when I look at it.

So Carolina and Sam eloped and these are the wedding photos they never had. 

caro and same web-52.jpg
caro and same web-39.jpg
caro and same web-54.jpg
caro and same web-24.jpg
caro and same web-34.jpg
caro and same web-23.jpg
caro and same web-25.jpg
caro and same web-29.jpg
caro and same web-28.jpg
caro and same web-27.jpg
caro and same web-26.jpg

Sam wanted to spun around too.