Dancing in the Desert

brianna gomez

naomi + peter

saguaro national park


I saw Naomi and Peter in public and immediately approached them to tell them that I NEEDED TO TAKE THEIR PHOTOS. So fast forward a few weeks later to one Saturday morning where we chased the rising sun and I had the opportunity to capture pure goodness on camera. This morning we experienced the most magical light. Little did I know Naomi and Peter married years back and they didn't even care to photograph their wedding because they are just THAT much in love. They told me this shoot felt like the wedding photos they never had. A morning of pure unconditional love, uncontrollable giggles, and a few cactus bites. I would wake at 4am everyday if it meant I could witness this kind of love every sunrise. Naomi and Peter showed me what true wild love is. Oh they also showed me how to walk like a cowboy. 


Can we normalize turquoise wedding rings purchased at old antique shops?