Life is More Gritty like a Super8

Updated: Apr 2

Instant gratification. That’s the world we live in now. We see our world within blinks of our eyes. Our first kisses, our kids taking their first steps, working our first job, buying our first house, our firsts. Moments that we can’t just say “Do it again” to. We have a spilt second to see a moment — but what happens if we miss those moments because we’re posting our highlight reels on Instagram or we’re tweeting “Just off of the plane."

Don’t get me wrong, I heavily rely on my phone and social media to promote my business and stay connected to friends and family. We live in a digital world. There was one day, I was present in the moment, I walked down the aisles of a vintage market in a hidden San Diego neighborhood and saw a Canon 514XL. I took it up to the counter then I took it home with me. I didn’t know what to expect. — but I fell in love.

That same summer, I decided to visit my mom and my baby siblings in the Midwest — being from the desert, I look at the Midwest with wide eyes. I look at the Midwest where fireflies exist and everyone is happy. I look at the Midwest as if it was the location of my favorite fairy tale. Where they have pizza barns and strangers sing together and dance. It was a refreshing and beautiful thing to witness and I was able to fully experience it. I didn’t take my phone out much to capture what I was witnessing, because I focused on promptly capturing these moments with this Super8. I realized because of the Super8 I was more present in the moment. I remember things more vividly. Although I didn’t capture every single moment on super8, when I watch this film, I am transported back to those same summer feelings. There’s something so refreshing and authentic about Super8.

Imagine getting ahold of our grand parents Super8 home films and transporting ourselves to those birthday parties, weddings, day at the park. We know those moments weren’t posed and edited. We can’t explain that nostalgic feel-good feeling we get when we look at anything film— it’s one of those beautiful unspoken feelings. Maybe its the understanding that with film, you can’t just retake a moment. Maybe its the understanding that film is more scarce and especially with Super8, you just have to take that risk — that it will come out. Similarly to life, you just have to have faith.

My Super8 Summer film isn’t perfect and that’s okay because life isn’t made up of perfectly exposed, well composed moments. Life is really gritty. Life is the epitome of imperfect moments. Life goes by a little too fast and it isn’t always in focus. And maybe the sun can be a little too bright or a tad bit too dark. But it’s within these moments that lies real feelings and it’s within these moments that we witness something magical — simply put, it’s all those in-between forgettable moments that makes life worth living.

It's the face your best friend makes when she gets splashed in the face on a boat. Its the giggles you hear when your mom witnesses her baby plays a fake guitar in front of 50 strangers. Its the excitement you see when your little brother jumps over a pebble or when he touches the oceans water.

It’s the silhouette dancing, the first bite of an amazing pizza, the music of a strangers guitar and its everything else in-between. Its within these forgettable moments that something big happen - we live. I believe its about time we start really living it rather than focusing on capturing it.

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